Pu Luong in the harvest season

Exceptional beauty of the region

Pu Luong Gorgeous Landscape

Small swimming pool with magnificent view for lounging

Beautiful room in Pu Luong Retreat

The green rice fields in Pu Luong

Pu Luong, seductive and still wild ...

Situated in Ba Thuoc District, Thanh Hoa Province, 200 km from Ha Noi, Pu Luong Nature Reserve offers picturesque landscapes with its rice terraces, authentic villages and lush vegetation. This destination is ideal for nature lovers, it is also renowned for its biodiversity and the hospitality of its inhabitants. This site still hosts a small number of tourists and has thus kept all its authenticity.
Pu Luong is considered the small Sapa in Thanh Hoa, with its mountain peak of 1,700m, like the small Fanxipan. It is for this reason that this region is called "Pu Luong" because according to the Thai language, Pu Luong means "the highest mountain in the region".



Pu Luong offers a very varied fauna and flora. Indeed, on an area of ​​17,600 ha, it includes 3 types of forests: plain, mountain and bamboo. There are about 1,100 species of vascular plants and a very rich fauna, about 600 different species gathering mammals, birds and reptiles.
During your trek to Pu Luong, you will have the opportunity to meet the Thai Whites and the Muong. These two ethnic groups have lived in perfect harmony in this region forever. They will welcome you warmly, always with a smile. You will be able to spend the night in their beautiful house on stilts and thus share their daily life.
Pu Luong is a very good example of the development of sustainable tourism because the benefits of these tourism activities come directly to the villagers, which allows them to improve their incomes and thus stop the exploitation of the forest resources they used to win their life.
Pu Luong is even more beautiful during these two periods:
- Early July: a new rice crop begins! The landscapes are very green. During this period, it is quite warm but it does not matter because the exceptional beauty of the site will quickly make you forget this heat.
- Between September and October: rice begins to ripen. Pu Luong turns yellow and makes us think of a magical paradise in the middle of the jungle.
The natural charms and friendly Pu Luong people will delight you. The visit is well worth and can be done at any time of the year.
Pu Luong Retreat, a true paradise ...
After a day of walking in the middle of Pu Luong, nothing is more enjoyable than lounging in a small pool at the lodge. This is what Pu Luong Retreat can offer you!
This little corner of paradise is very recent but has a real success thanks to its charm. Built on a hill with an unobstructed view of the rice terraces, it offers 3 types of rooms: house on stilts (often for groups), luxury bungalow and bungalow suite. All rooms have a beautiful open view of nature.
Here, modern life does not exist: no television, no air-conditioning, no fridge ...
The only slogans are tranquility, rest and nature ....
In order to make you discover the beauty of Pu Luong, Asiatica Travel has created an original program that combines the Pu Luong area with Halong and Ninh Binh.
Do not miss this opportunity to make you discover this fabulous and still wild site.