Post and Telecommunications


In all Asian countries, it is easy to get connection to internet especially at hotels, restaurants or public places. Here are some useful information:

In Vietnam

Post office in Vietnamese means “Bưu điện”, and you can easily find it in any district or city. In Ha Noi, there are several post offices located in different wards. The biggest and oldest one is located at Dinh Tien Hoang Str, Hoan Kiem district called: “ Bưu điện Hà Nội” near Restore Sword Lake. It is easy to be recognized by clock tower, and a presence of large antennas. The post card sent from Vietnam is estimated to take 2 week to arrive. The postal code of Ha Noi is 10000
International phone call:
+, For landline:
Formula: 00 + country code + city code + landline phone number (should be 9/10 digits without zero)
Eg: To call from Hanoi- Vietnam to Milan-Italy, dial: 00 39 2 xxxxxxxxx(x)
      To call from Milan- Italy to Hanoi- Vietnam, dial: 00 84 24
+, For mobile:
              Formula: 00 + country code + mobile phone number (without zero)
Eg: To call from Milan to Hanoi – Vietnam, dial: 00 84 xxxxxxxxx


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