Ba Be & Northeast Area



The region is full of mysteries and comprises of various beautiful sceneries like Ba Be Lake, Cao Bang waterfall, Lang Son and Ha Giang remote areas...

You will discover the fascinating cultures of the ethnic minorities who live there. Although this is the less crowded region of the North, North-East is a region of contrasts: wild and fascinating, with its rugged mountain ranges, wide cultivated plains, splendid waterfalls, lush national parks, picturesque villages and colorful markets.


Lang Son

Lang Son is a far north mountainous province of Vietnam that has longest trade history with the neighboring China. Travellers drop by Lang Son upon crossing Vietnam-China border. The town itself has some interesting spots to visit with an old citadel vestige, beautiful caves and local ethnic minorities.


Attractions and activities to discover Lang Son:

Cao Bang


Around 272km from Hanoi, Cao Bang is a mountainous province in far-north Vietnam, near Vietnamese-Chinese border. Cao Bang is mostly covered by the jungle and that was the reason why Uncle Ho chose it as the base for the country revolutionary in 1950s. It is a mysterious land of spectacular sceneries and historical significance.

Cao Bang has a number of scenic attractions like Ban Gioc waterfalls, Nguon Ngao cave, Lenin stream, Thang Hen Lake and many others.



Attractions and activities to discover Cao Bang:

Ba Be lake

Located in Bac Can province, Ba Be Lake is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful natural lake in Vietnam.


Attractions and activities to discover Ba Be lake:

Ha Giang

Ha Giang is the northernmost province of Vietnam, a rising destination for adventure travelers in Vietnam. Its remote areas reserve a number of delights for you: awe-inspiring landscape, untouched culture and warmhearted people.


Bao Lac and the Black Lolo

The Bao Lac district is located in the far north Cao Bang province of Vietnam. Close to the border with China, this mountainous area is home to 50,000 inhabitants who live mainly in small villages in remote areas without water supply and even electricity. This is the poorest region in Vietnam.


Attractions and activities to discover Bao Lac and the Black Lolo:


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