Central Highland


Buon Me Thuot is the capital of Dak Lak province in the Central Highlands and is also the largest city in this region. It has about 300,000 inhabitants. Originally, it was populated by EDS Banar, and of course the Viet Mnong. It is also the basket of coffee, pepper, cashew and rubber.
It is well known by its natural beauty, fresh climate, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and national parks. This region is also famous for the best coffee products.

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Cong Chieng show
Cong Chieng show

One of the typical culture of this region is traditional music "Cong Chieng" and dance. A show shouldn't be missed! Gongs or "Cong Chieng" are mostly made of bronze sometimes with gold, silver, or black bronze added to their composition. Gongs not only beat the rhythm but also play polyphonic music

Elephant excursion in Buon Ma Thuot
Elephant excursion in Buon Ma Thuot

You will enjoy this local way of transportation. Local used to get across the lake by elephant and now you too can enjoy this fantastic and scenic ride.


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