The panorama view of the Lake

An opportunity to enjoy the sunset

On the lake side

Tao Sach pagoda

Tao Sach pagoda

A small lane around the lake area

West Lake is the largest lake in Hanoi capital. It is famous for the beautiful scenery and many ancient monuments. On the shore of the lake there are many craftsmen villages, ancient pagodas of several thousand years and cafeterias. If you miss the chance to take bike ride there, you will lose an important milestone on the road to Hanoi. Pin now the name of this lake in your travel diary in Vietnam!

The visit by bicycle is a popular activity in Hanoi. Do you know the reason why it is popular? Simply because with cycling tour around the West Lake, visitors can enjoy not only the beautiful and poetic landscape, but also to be in close contact with the life of Hanoi people. Many travelers have chosen cycling as a friend on their journey, and you?


Highlights of the tour


• In a peaceful place like "Ho Tay", bicycle is the ideal vehicle for your journey.

• The visit route is extended on the cycling road of the West Lake (near the village of Yen Hoa and Quang An), in a very romantic and scenic road.

• An opportunity to see the architecture of Tao Sach and Kimlien pagodas, the most typical Vietnamese ones.

• The most appropriate time to visit is the sunset period (15.30-16 pm), because there is not much traffic and chaotic surrounding at that time.

• Resting in a small local store and cool off with drinks and snack favorites by Hanoian.