A smooth green carpet streches

Small wooden boat to discover the small channels

Tra Su with an area of about 850 hectares

The visit by "TAC RANG" - the wooden boat, diamond-shaped, with the engine

Local people presents the typical features of Tra Su

Home of over 70 types of typical birds of the river area

The Mekong Delta is an essential resource for the 22 million inhabitants of the Southern Vietnam because all daily activities take place here in the river. In fact, because of the lack of land transport, the goods are transported by boat and so the floating markets were born, for example, the Cai Rang market and Phong Dien market in Can Tho. We know today another special appearance on the Mekong Delta: Tra Su Cajuput forest
Just 30 km from Chau Doc, Tra Su Cajuput forest is a magnificent landscape. It is covered by lush vegetation, with an area of ​​about 850 hectares, being home to over 70 species of birds of the river area (eg storks, horseshoe bat). You will have the chance to gaze on the lotus flowers, and branches of the surrounding vegetation.
Why Tra Su?
• After only 500 meters, walk leisurely in the pristine forest. A pleasant feeling is created by the ponds covered of cajuput.
• We do the visit with "TAC RANG" - an exceptional transport on the Mekong delta (small wood, diamond-shaped boat, with the engine).
• Followed by a short stop to take pictures and to remember the beauty of this pristine jungle.
• With a typical wooden boat, you will discover almost all small channels, penetrating into the most beautiful part of the forest.
The best time to visit is from September to November, when the natural cajuput rainforest will surround you in colors & sounds. At Tra Su, you can feel the true breath of nature.