Landscapes are even more beautiful in the rice season

You are attached to traditional Tay values

The house of Toi has a typically local architecture

Les Tay live on rice and livestock farming

Ha Thanh, a peaceful and authentic village

Mr Toi's family

Good opportunity to discover the local cuisine

The village is populated by the Tay for centuries

The Tay use palm leaves to build the roof of their houses on stilts

Walking through the lush forest around the village

You want to experience unique moments with a family of the Tay ethnic group? For a more rewarding experience than a simple night at the hotel in Ha Giang city, we suggest you drop your suitcases at Toi (Tới) and spend the night in his house on stilts in the village of Ha Thanh.

Ha Thanh, a Tay village
The village of Ha Thanh is a stone's thrown away from the city of Ha Giang, close to the Chinese border. Nestled at the foot of the mountains of Tay Con Linh which culminate at 2,000 meters above sea level, the village is very authentic with all its houses on stilts.
Between forests, rice fields and small watercourses, the Tay's living environment is very green. The inhabitants live here by raising buffalo, ducks and fish, as well as the cultivation of rice, manioc and maize. Many of them still wear the traditional black Tay costume.
Terraced rice fields and typical meal
A 2 hour walk in the village and its surroundings will take you close to the rice fields and the lush forest - where not fierce and dangerous animals live, but ... chickens. For those who choose to spend 2 nights at Toi, it is possible to plan a 5 or 6-hour trek in the mountains to admire the rice terraces and visit other villages, including the Dzao ethnic group.
Back at home, you can help your host prepare the meal of Tay specialties before sharing it with the rest of the family as usual: sitting on the ground with a mat. 
In the evening, don't forget to ask Toi's woman to play a little air of tinh, the traditional instrument with three strings of the Tay ethnic group.
Moments of sharing with the family
Mr Toi is a former soldier. He was part of the army for 17 years, and fought against the Chinese invasion. He shares his house with his wife, their little daughter, his mother and his brother. "I am proud to be part of the Tay ethnic group, which is why I wanted to introduce the traditional life of our family to foreigners."
Staying in the stilt house, you can wander around to watch family members do their daily activities. The woman is washing clothes at the edge of the pond, while her husband is cooking on the floor. Their little girl will be happy to find someone to play with the ball while she is not at school!
A life on stilts
Bamboo floor, palm roof and wooden pillars ... here is a real house on stilts! It feels pleasantly good. Beds with mosquito nets are installed at the bottom of the main room, separated from each other by long pieces of fabric that act as compartments.